Adventure Has no off-season

Adventure Has no off-season

Adventure Has no off-seasonAdventure Has no off-seasonAdventure Has no off-season

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My Story

Traveling is not just a pastime for me, it's a way of life and in some ways, an obsession.  I love going to new and strange places, learning new things and encountering some of the most interesting people I could ever hope to meet. I've swam with elephants, jumped out of a plane, checked out a shipwreck 60 feet underwater, and eaten some questionable shrimp Pad Thai at an outdoor market. The lust I have for adventure is contagious and I'm more than happy to help others make their own stories.  After all, adventure has no off-season

Top Destinations

While each place I've visited has a special place in my heart, two places stand above the rest.  The two most amazing places for me have been Amsterdam and Thailand.  Two completely different places but they both hold a special place in my heart for different reasons.  Amsterdam for being a city that I felt was full of culture and life but still peaceful and accepting. Thailand for being a country that has everything from the beach, to the jungle, to a floating market that serves street food out of little boats. 

     If you would like to sail the canals of Amsterdam or swim with the elephants in Thailand let me know, because adventure has no

 off-season and I'm excited to help you find yours. 

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