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Top 10 in-flight etiquette tips from a flight attendant & how to deal with people who don’t follow them

Have you ever gotten on a plane and thought to yourself, “Is it rude to ask when food will be served on this flight” or “Omg that guy has his feet on that person’s headrest!”  We have more opportunities to fly now more than ever and we’re constantly faced with new and innovative ways to …

Packing for a Trip Travel

Why you shouldn’t overpack for a trip and why that is easier said than done!

Overpacking is something we all say we’ll never do and then do exactly just that.  It’s so easy to go about packing and saying “I’ll bring two nice going-out-to-dinner outfits and two club outfits and maybe a jacket cause the Caribbean might get cold…”. Next thing you know you are asking your roommate to sit …

Group Travel Tips Travel

Why it’s important to take time for yourself on a group vacation.

The importance of self-care has really been recognized by the public in recent years, and for good reason!  So many times we push our needs or feelings down in order not to upset or offend others.  This is something I’ve noticed happening a lot in group or family vacations.  I know what you are thinking, …