Cross Country Skiing

Take in the amazing sights over a vast landscape.

Cross country skiing is a really amazing way to take in the sights of your surroundings and get a really good workout at the same time.  You can spend the better part of a day gliding across the snow taking in the fresh mountain air.  Not a bad way the spend your vacation if you ask me.

Cross country skiing is an activity that people of all ages and most fitness levels as well can do.  Many people like to spend the day cross country skiing with their family as a group activity for the day as well, it makes really great memories, and the fact that the kids are knocked out for a few hours after is something that many parents describe as an added bonus.

Cross country skiing is only done in cold and snowy climates, primarily at ski resorts that have designated trails.  I recommend Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Norway is you want the best cross country experience.