Horseback Riding

Blaze a trail across the world’s terrain.

There are many emotions when first walking up to a horse, you are most likely marveling at their sheer size and their expressive eyes. You know that this is not just any animal, this is an animal that wants to run and jump and explore and if you’re lucky, it will take you along with it.  Having the opportunity to bond with a horse is what has made horseriding stand the modern test of time. You could climb into a car and have up to 120 horsepower easily, but it wouldn’t be the same and you know that. This is because you and the horse are doing something that you can never do in a car, working together to get to your destination, wherever that may be.

Mankind and horses have been carving a part of the world out for themselves for hundreds of years. Exploring places they have never been and living each day with wonder on what they would encounter on the way to their destination.  In today’s world, there is less unfounded land as before but the sense of exploring the unknown is still there and the engrained connection that we share with horses is as strong as it ever was.

If you have a lot of experience or no experience at all you can still ride a horse and go on a trail ride.  Horses are like humans in that each and everyone has a separate personality and temperament so matching you to the right horse for you is no problem.  You can ride horses along the beach, in the forest, the snow, and practically anywhere in the world that has domesticated horses.  In my personal opinion, there is no better way to explore the natural beauty of your destination than on a horse.