Hot Air Ballooning

Float above the clouds.

Hot air ballooning will take you high above the world, suspended in the clouds everything looks so small and far away.  As you stand in the woven basket and hear the flames roar above your head, you have the world before you and the sky above you.  The air is fresher and the sun is brighter than you have ever seen and even the air smells sweeter and you drift along, enjoying the view.

Hot air ballooning is on so many people’s adventure bucket list, and for great reasons!  While it is definitely an adventure it is also one of the safest and most relaxing activities you can do, while still getting a thrill of course.  You’re most important decision to make when you decide to go hot air ballooning is, where?!  No two locations are the same and deciding what kind of view you would like to see before you as you ascend into the sky is very important. Do you want to see mountains, fields, or a vast ocean before you?  Anything is possible, so let’s make it happen.