Take the road less traveled or even make your own.

Off-roading is where you drive vehicles that are specifically made for going over rough terrain.  You can ride a dirt bike, ATV or jeep when you’re off-roading, just be mentally prepared to get dirty!  Remember, if you don’t get a little messy you aren’t doing it right.  Whether you are riding dirt bikes in the Arizona desert, ATV’s in the jungle of Thailand, or blazing a trail in a jeep down a volcano in Iceland off-roading is the way to go.

ATV riding is the quintessential group activity and it’s infinitely more fun with a group.   To start a tour guide will get you set up with protective gear and explain the safety measures to you, then they will lead you around to all the local sites through the terrain.  The last time I went ATV riding the guides took us to a lagoon in Mexico and ziplining. You can also go off-roading with your friends in a designated area and really just go wild!

Are you ready for a crazy ride?