Have the world before you.

Do you ever look up at a bird flying high in the sky with nowhere to go and nothing to do, just enjoying the breeze carrying it higher and higher to new places?

Paragliding is the best way to recreate that feeling.  You’ll be soaring in the sky, floating above everything underneath you, just catching the breeze so you can keep soaring higher and higher. Just like a bird, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, but catch the breeze.

Paragliding can be done in a group or solo, depending on what your preference is.  I always recommend having a group for support if you are new to paragliding, plus it makes it more fun.

If you are a new paraglider you will need to go tandem with an experienced flyer until you are certified to do it by yourself.  You can paraglide practically everywhere in the world, warm or cool climate, but it is always recommended to go with a well-known and trustworthy company for your paragliding experience.