Sled Dog Riding

Experience the wild with man’s best friend.

Sled dog riding is something that needs to be on everybody’s bucket list.  You get to explore the terrain in probably the most unique way as the sled dogs pull you from place to place and your guide points out all the interesting sights. Plus you get to experience what travel was like before the invention of modern-day transportation, think Balto, think Togo, think the Iditarod!  Getting to spend the day being bulled in a sled by adorable dogs is just the cherry on top of the sundae.

Sled dog riding is one of those vacation activities that anyone and I mean anyone, can do.  That’s what makes it so perfect for family and group vacations. You get to experience the great outdoors, get a personal tour with your guide, spend the day with dogs, and all of this without even standing up.  When sled dog racing you can either stand on the back or sit in the front while your guide is on the back. This versatility makes it the perfect adventure activity for everyone.

Ready to take a ride on the wild side?