Ride the wave and test your skills.

Surfing is not for those who have second thoughts or are uncommitted.  Those who are passionate about surfing thrive by the thrill of ‘no going back.’  These are the people willing to wake up at dawn, dive into freezing cold waters, and be beaten down by waves just to get back up and try again.

Surfing requires the ability to be patient, to sit in waters that are warm all year round, or while wearing a wetsuit to combat the cold.  You wait for the perfect opportunity, for that perfect wave to present itself, and without hesitation you take it. You are completely living in the moment, no cell phones buzzing, no meetings to attend, no obligations to anything other than yourself.

Just you and the wave.

Surfing is an amazing sport because you can surf anywhere there are waves and it can be done either as a solo or group activity.  It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned surfer or have never put your hands on a board before. There is a place for you.

With expert teachers located around the world, you won’t be far from having the opportunity to grab a board and hit the waves.  Are you ready?!