I think we’ve all been in this position before.  You see an amazing picture on Instagram and get bit by the wanderlust bug, so what do you do next? Call your friends to go on this amazing trip with you! They, after all, are always saying how they “never go anywhere”, or “just want to get away”. So you call them up and invite them on your trip, now all of a sudden they realize that they have responsibilities, and going on a trip isn’t something that is possible right now.  It’s not their fault that life gets in the way, but that doesn’t mean that you need to put your life on hold because they have other obligations.

So what do we say when our friends flake on us?!



We go on the trip by ourselves.

It’s out of our comfort zone and we don’t really know what to expect. However, we know that it’s better than sitting on our couch watching TV wishing we were somewhere else.

Solo travel is something that, at least for me, was really daunting and scary when I first did it. Purely because of my own mind creating barriers.  I didn’t know who I would talk to, how will I decide where to go and what to do, or who would take my pictures for me.  Now I realize that it’s all me. I will take my own pictures, decide where to go and what to do. The people I meet along the way will be the people I make memories with. The same goes for you and your solo trip.

You have complete and total freedom.  You choose when to wake up, where to go, or what to eat. I once went on a trip with a girlfriend and she would ask me what I wanted and when I answered she would go “…Really….?  Cause I was hoping we would (enter what she wanted here)”.  It was my vacation but I didn’t really do anything I wanted to do.

The first solo trip I went on was when I was a newly graduated 22-years-old, I was going to bounce around Europe for two weeks and then come home and, as I told my dad,  ‘be an adult and get a job that uses my degree’. My parents were really worried about my safety without someone to protect me. It didn’t matter that I was going to one of the safest countries in the world or that I was going to meet a friend less than 24 hours later. I ended up being completely safe and going to five countries in two weeks.  I truly think that if I had been with a friend I wouldn’t have seen half of the things I had. Also,

My advice to you all is to find a hostel, and find out what events they have, like pub crawls or city tours, and join in.  This will give you things to do and will also introduce you to other solo travelers looking to do similar things. You will make really great memories and even some new friends.

If you want some epic pictures of your trip you should buy this bendable tripod and instead of taking pictures, take a video where you do different poses, and then screenshot your favorite pose.  This tip is courtesy of  Tyler Fata and it is absolutely genius!  No more “can you retake this?”  and taking 50 pictures to get the perfect one. Time is money!  Don’t forget to pack light and organized. This travel backpack is perfect for an independent traveler such as yourself.

One last piece of advice for solo travel is to ask for advice from other solo travelers.  You can ask advice on things to do and places to go from other fellow solo travelers. The best sites for this are on Facebook in the groups Solo Female Travelers, Solo Travel Society, and A solo traveler to just name a few.

So now that you have a head start on how to solo travel, where are you going to go first?




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