Overpacking is something we all say we’ll never do and then do exactly just that.  It’s so easy to go about packing and saying “I’ll bring two nice going-out-to-dinner outfits and two club outfits and maybe a jacket cause the Caribbean might get cold…”. Next thing you know you are asking your roommate to sit on your suitcase to close it shut.

I personally always pack light when I travel because in my NYC apartment I can’t justify the space of a huge suitcase. When I travel I usually put everything in my Adidas gym bag and just sling it over my shoulder.  Does this cause me to have severe neck pain at the beginning and end of my trip… yes.  Does this also keep me from paying a luggage fee and never having the airline lose my stuff? Yes!

Whenever I think about people bringing too much stuff on vacation my mind automatically goes back to a two week trip to Thailand in 2018 with a couple of girlfriends.  I was convinced by my friends that for two weeks my Adidas bag would not make the grade and borrowed my parent’s big suitcase.  I should have known that my friends and I were a little different in the way we travel when one of my girlfriends messaged me and asked, “should I pack my nutribullet blender for the trip?”. My response to this was “is this a joke?”, she ended not really ‘getting what I was saying’ and bringing it anyway.  It wasn’t exactly the metaphorical ‘kitchen sink’ but it was pretty damn close. Also, in case you were wondering there is a fresh smoothie stand on every corner in Phuket, Thailand.

My friends that I went on the trip with both had their suitcases at the maximum 50-pound weight limit going on our trip. Which turned out to cost them in the end.  While we received a complimentary 50-pound suitcase limit on our international flight, we were not extended that courtesy on the domestic flight we took from Phuket to Bangkok.  For domestic flights, you were allowed a 20-pound suitcases limit and had to pay $15 American for every pound you were over. My friends both ended up paying more for their extra baggage cost than for the ticket itself.  Since I packed significantly lighter I pulled a ‘Joey’ from Friends and threw about three layers of clothes on in front of a room of very confused looking Thai travelers. I looked ridiculous and I could care less, I was EXACTLY AT 20 pounds. I ended up not paying anything extra and if I’m honest I was pretty smug about it.


This is my advice to you, fellow travelers.  Pack your suitcase, everything you want or could possibly think you might want.  Then take out about half of that and that’s what you should pack. This will prevent you from over-packing and you will realize what you really need versus what you just want to bring.  Next, I want you to pack a nice sturdy bag that zips up and put it in your suitcase.  If you end up buying so much stuff on your trip you need an extra bag you can use this and won’t end up buying a new bag that you don’t need. If you’re bringing any electronics or make-up I would recommend getting this organizer on Amazon for electronics or these organizers for basically organizing your entire life.  I know having six tiny suitcases to fit in your big suitcase doesn’t make much sense now, but when you’re at your destination and you’re like “I just want my pink sweater”, having a designated “shirts” pouch would save you a lot of time searching and your clothes wouldn’t get all wrinkly from you messing them up looking for one sweater.

Is this a little bit much? Maybe.  Is it probably the easier and better way to travel. Yes, definitely.

Check out this youtube video on how to pack like a pro!

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