Use the wind to your advantage.

Windsurfing is an amazing adventure activity to do on vacation because let’s face it,  where are you going to go windsurfing unless you are on a vacation.  Windsurfing is similar to Stand-Up Paddleboarding and surfing because you need to use your lower body and core to stay upright and also to help guide your board to where you want to go.  However, it is very different because you also need to use your upper body to catch the wind with the sail.  You need to be totally in tune with the present to windsurf, but it’s worth it!

Windsurfing can be done as a group activity or a solo activity and can be even done on a tandem board.  I personally recommend doing this solo at least once, there is nothing like going out on your own with just you, the board, and the ocean for company.